Our mission is discovery.

Nimrod International Journal, founded in 1956 at The University of Tulsa, has been active in the discovery and publication of new writers for more than 60 years. Nimrod has also encouraged and rewarded new writers for more than 30 years through The Nimrod Literary Awards. Our editors hunt for and publish new writing and works of established writers eager to share pages with emerging writers of quality.

Nimrod is published twice a year and features the best new poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Our spring issue is thematic and often dedicated to writers from one region of the world; we have devoted issues to China, India, Australia, Vietnam, the Celtic Fringe, and Mexico, as well as many other regions and countries. The spring issue now includes the winners of the Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers, and our fall issue features the winners and finalists of The Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

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